Before the application to our department, we strongly recommend you to contact the professor of the group where you would like to study.

1. Do I have to take an entrance examination and a test in Japanese language

Any applicants must take an entrance examination which consists of written and oral tests. Although tests in Japanese are not included in them, the problems are written in Japanese except for the test in English and you have to answer them in Japanese.

2. Do you teach all of your courses in Japanese language ?

Yes. If you hope to enter master course, Japanese conversation is essential because all lectures are given in Japanese only. Students are required to have good skills in Japanese because official documents, lectures and entrance examinations at the graduate school of Informatics, Kyoto University are held in Japanese. In some cases the education and research are conducted in English. You are, however, strongly recommended to acquire Japanese to spend fruitful living in Kyoto.

3¡¥What are the courses on MSc?

For detailed information on the courses, please refer to About Our Department page.

4. Who should I contact for an accommodation there ?

The examination office does not provide the services for your accommodation. However, prior to the application, it is a good idea that for the accommodation you contact one of our professors under whom you would like to study.

5. Do you offer any Japanese language course in your university ?

Some Japanese language courses for foreign students are available, depending on students' capability and need.


For further information on the application, please inquire to the professor of the group where you would like to study.