Entrance Examination

2013 School Year Entrance Exam(conducted on August 2012)

Fundamental Subjects(two subjects are solved)120 minutesBasic Mathematics Ifileh25_kiso1.pdf
Data Structures and Algorithmsfileh25_kiso2.pdf
Linear Programmingfileh25_kiso3.pdf
Linear Control Theoryfileh25_kiso4.pdf
Basic Mechanicsfileh25_kiso5.pdf
Basic Mathematics IIfileh25_kiso6.pdf
specialized Subjects(two subjects are solved)120 minutesApplied Mathematicsfileh25_senmon1.pdf
Graph Theoryfileh25_senmon2.pdf
Operations Researchfileh25_senmon3.pdf
Modern Control Theoryfileh25_senmon4.pdf
Physical Statisticsfileh25_senmon5.pdf
Mathematics for Dynamical Systemsfileh25_senmon6.pdf
all the subjects of 2013 School Year Entrance Exam(PDF file)fileh25_exam.pdf

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