Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Kyoto University
Technical Reports 1996


[96001] abstract , PS file
A Simple Proof of a Minimum Cut Algorithm and Its Applications
by Hiroshi Nagamochi, Toshimasa Ishii and Toshihide Ibaraki

Local uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for the second order elliptic equations with non-Lipschitzian coefficients
by Shigeo Tarama

H2 Optimal Output Feedback Control for Descriptor Systems
by Kiyotsugu Takaba and Tohru Katayama

Tabu Search Approach to CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) as a General Problem Solver
by Koji Nonobe and Toshihide Ibaraki

Computing Edge-Connectivity Augmentation Function in $\tilde{O}(nm)$ Time
by Hiroshi Nagamochi, Takashi Shiraki and Toshihide Ibaraki

A Globally Convergent Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithm for Mathematical Programs with Linear Complementarity Constraints
by Masao Fukushima, Zhi-Quan Luo and Jong-Shi Pang

A Geometric Approach to a Quantum Counterpart of a Saddle-Node Bifurcation in a 1:1 Resonant Perturbed Oscillator
by Yoshio Uwano

Are nongravitational accelerations of comets sufficient to convert nearly parabolic into elliptic orbits?
by S. Yabushita

Inequivalent Quantizations and Holonomy Factor Form the Path-Integral Approach
by Shogo Tanimura and Izumi Tsutsui

A globally convergent BFGS method for nonsmooth convex optimization
by I. Rauf and M. Fukushima

Augmenting Edge-Connectivity over the Entire Range in $\tilde{O}(nm)$ Time
by Hiroshi Nagamochi and Toshihide Ibaraki

Parallel Variable Transformation in Unconstrained Optimization
by Masao Fukushima

[96013] abstract , PS file
A simple $\tilde{O}(nm)$ time edge-splitting algorithm
by H. Nagamochi, S. Nakamura and T. Ibaraki

Dynamical Gauss Boson and Strong-Weak Reciprocity
by Masako Bando and Shogo Tanimura

Fast Algorithms to Enumerate All Common Intervals of Two Permutations
by Takeaki Uno, Mutsunori Yagiura