Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Kyoto University
Technical Reports 2008


[2008-001] abstract, pdf file
Approximating the Generalized Capacitated Tree-routing
by Ehab Morsy and Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: March 21, 2008)

[2008-002] abstract, "pdf" file
Star-shaped Drawings of Graphs with Fixed Embedding and Concave Corner Constraints
by Seok-Hee Hong, Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: March 22, 2008)

[2008-003] abstract, pdf file
Robust Nash equilibria in N-person non-cooperative games: Uniqueness and reformulation
by Ryoichi Nishimura, Shunsuke Hayashi and Masao Fukushima
(Received: April 17, 2008)

[2008-004] abstract, pdf file
Tabu Programming Method: A New Evolutionary Algorithm Using Tree Data Structures for Problem Solving
by Abdel-Rahman Hedar, Emad Mabrouk, and Masao Fukushima
(Received: April 21, 2008)

[2008-005] abstract, "pdf" file
Network Design with Weighted Degree Constraints
by Takuro Fukunaga, Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: April 24, 2008)

[2008-006] abstract, pdf file
Removing overlaps in label layouts using multi-sphere scheme
by Takashi Imamichi, Yohei Arahori, Jaeseong Gim, Seok-Hee Hong, Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: June 04, 2008)

[2008-007] abstract, "pdf" file
Restricted Generalized Nash Equilibria and Controlled Penalty Algorithm
by Masao Fukushima
(Received: July 31, 2008)

[2008-008] abstract, "pdf" file
One-dimensional cutting stock problem for a paper tube industry
by Kazuki Matsumoto, Shunji Umetani, Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: August 04, 2008)

[2008-009] abstract, "pdf" file
All 4-Edge-Connected HHD-Free Graphs are Z_3-Connected
by Takuro Fukunaga
(Received: August 13, 2008)

[2008-010] abstract, pdf file
On $O(N)$ formula for the diagonal elements of inverse powers of symmetric positive definite tridiagonal matrices
by Kinji Kimura, Takumi Yamashita and Yoshimasa Nakamura
(Received: September 15, 2008)

[2008-011] abstract, "pdf" file
Parametrized Variational Inequality Approaches to Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems with Shared Constraints
by Koichi Nabetani, Paul Tseng and Masao Fukushima
(Received: October 15, 2008)

[2008-012] abstract, "pdf" file
Extending Steinitzi' Theorem to Non-convex Polyhedra
by Seok-Hee Hong and Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: October 27, 2008)

[2008-013] abstract, "pdf" file
Minmax Tree Cover in the Euclidean Space
by Seigo Karakawa, Ehab Morsy and Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: November 06, 2008)

[2008-014] abstract, "pdf" file
A Plane Graph Representation of Triconnected Graphs
by Shunsuke Ota, Ehab Morsy, and Hiroshi Nagamochi
(Received: November 20, 2008)

[2008-015] abstract, pdf file
Convergence Properties of the Regularized Newton Method for the Unconstrained Nonconvex Optimization
by Kenji Ueda and Nobuo Yamashita
(Received: November 26, 2008)

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